Figuring Stuff Out


Posted by Mike on May 4, 2007

It’s been awhile since last I posted, this stems largely from the fact that I’ve not been working on any projects (other than a supremely frustrating one involving Samba, I’m not super hot at networking it seems).  I came across this admittedly minor mistake today but it’s always fun to me when American’s screw up on Canadian stories (to be fair they did things properly in the article, but the title is a little misleading).  Anyway, it seems that the Ontario Liberals have decided to block Facebook and Youtube on their worker’s computers.  The article makes the valid point that there is actually a lot of useful information to be had on these two sites (although the time wasting temptation is pretty hard to deny).  Anyway, I’ll report back with a little more when I next get through a project, or perhaps I’ll go back to trying to explain the steps of installing Linux.


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